Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Open CLIL bank of common knowledge


Here it is the link to our bank of common knowledge if you want to check information and very useful CLIL resources!!

These are six webpages and videos that I posted in the bank of common knowledege: 

1.Primary Games

Play free online games for kids on PrimaryGames. Site features learning games, action games, puzzles, card games, virtual worlds, coloring pages, and more!


Check the pin here!

2. Professions

Lovely song to learn some professions. Nice visual aids.


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3. Transports

Song to learn different transports. Perfect for 1st graders. 


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4. Move your body song

Nice song to learn some body parts. 


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5. English activities

On this web you can find different activities for children who are acquiring a foreing language. You can work different topics through the activities the website offers. 

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6.  Shops game

Interesting and attractive web in which children can practice the names of different shops. They have to make a link between the food and the shop where they can buy them. 


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I hope you like my resources!! Thank you 

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