Monday, 22 February 2016

321 Introduction with Story jumper

My name is Paula Lamas Curto, I'm 22 years-old and I live in Boadilla del Monte(MADRID).
I am a Pre Primary teacher, currently working at Mirabal School. I'm a bilingual teacher and I teach English to some classes of 5 years of Pre Primary Education. During the last three years I have been working as a Supervisor and invigilator of Cambridge exams at International House of Madrid 

This year is my fifth year studying in this university ( URJC) because I studied a degree in Pre Primary Education and when I finish it I started to study this Master in Bilingual Education. I decided to study this Master because I would like to learn everything about Bilingualism and techinques and methods to teach in a bilingual classroom.

From my point of view Storyjumper is a useful resource to use in schools because it is very attractive for children and it is going to catch their attention. Storyjumper is a very creative tool because it is a book. I had never heard about it before, but it is really easy and quick.  You can adapt and change your story the times you want. Also you can add colours, personal images, different shapes, characters and text. At the end, if you want to upload it on internet it is possible to do it. 

Here is my life , I hope you like it : 

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