Monday, 22 February 2016

My PLE and PLN with

Hello everybody!
Here is my mind map about my learning process through CLIL :

After sharing my mind map with all of you I would like to explain why I have used this web tool. The web tool that I have used is because it was the most attractive that I saw in the list. I think it is a very useful tool that can help to organize the ideas and offer a variety of colours, shapes and templates.  It is very easy to use.
Regarding CLIL I have to say that I didn’t know anything about it until I started this Master’s degree. During these months I have learnt the concept of CLIL, characteristics, strategies, resources and activities. An important aspect about this is that we learnt how to put them in practise in our classrooms.
Finally I would like to write  about the distribution about my PLE and PLN :
1.      My PLE (Personal Learning Environment) that it is based on the searching that I do to know more about CLIL. For example: google, word reference and Youtube
2.      My PLN (Personal Learning Network): Twitter, facebook, whatsapp and Instagram.

I  hope you like it

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