Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Ict's experience

Hello readers

Unfortunately this experience is finishing!! This is going to be the last mission of the year so I hope you like it. This task consisted of creating a multimedia presentation in order to describe our ict's experience throughout this year.

We have a huge list of tool that we can use  for doing the multimedia presentation.
I finally chose Capzles. I decided to use it because it is a great free online tool which allows you to create very visual presentation using a timeline template. We can add pictures, music, videos and audios. Thanks to that, you can personalise your presentation according to your needs.  I enjoy a lot using this tool.

The only disadvantage that I can say about this tool is that you cannot insert pictures or videos directly  from the web. You have to download it and then add it.

In my multimedia presentation I included many pictures of my previous tasks to explain my summary. Apart from the pictures I also addd my voice to explain the pictures better. If you want to see my presentation, here is my final result:

I would like to say that this last challenge made me remember my whole experienceduring this year and all the bad and good moments that I had. Sometimes, I felt a lot of pressure with some tasks because I didn't know how to do it but it is true that at the end, you always see that moments from a different and more positive point of view. I think I spent a lot of time creating and doing my artifacts so the final result has been good. I have learnt lots of new tools to use them in my classroom. I could not imagine that I would be able to create all the artifacts and projects that I did. That's rewarding!!!

Finally I will like to confess that I loved to participate in our fantastic and amazing CLIL chocotalk.  I have very nice memories about that incredible day!!! It was my first time doing something like that so I was a Little bit nervous but it was really amazing. We made a good job because we worked all together as a team. I cannot find a better way to finish this nice experience that remembering our CLIL CHOCOTALK!!!!!

Thank you very much for all your time spent on reading my posts.

Bye Bye!!!!

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