Monday, 2 May 2016

World Book Day

Good morning readers,

Last 23rd of April was the World book day and to celebrate this we did an especial activity. It consists of recording a video or an audio explaining our favourite books and what type of readers are we. A few lessons ago we learnt how to use Aurasma app, so with that knowledge we had to use it to make this challenge.

The first step to do this challenge was to create a poster with images of our favourite books. I decided to use Piktochart to do my poster. I used Piktochart because I already knew about this fantastic tool and I think it makes things easier and unique. It is a good webtool which contains lots of free templates to design a good infographic.

This is the final trigger image that I used in Aurasma app:

I used also Aurasma. It is a great tool for us and also for students to learn more about Augmented Reality and to use it for learning content in an engaging and motivating way, so I really recommend you to try it in the future.  As I have said before I already explained how does it work in other post but in case you don't remember here is a nice tutorial made by my group:

The second and last  step is to create your video or an audio. In my presentation with audio I recommend you some of my favourite books:

-Sister by Danielle Steel
- Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
- The new education by César Bona

All these books make an important role during my whole life, if you want to know why and know more about these books you have to follow my Aurasma channel : paulalamas

We also send our contribution to A Wall of books, the social collaborative board to celebrate World Book Day on Pinterest. Here you can see my peer's fantastic contributions and my work , of course.

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