Sunday, 17 April 2016

Do you know your neighbourhood? CLIL E-PROJECT

Good afternoon everybody!!!

My ICT lessons now are going to be organised by groups. My group is called: Do you know your neighbourhood? 

My classmates @Alvaro_Gope @marta_Gayarre @maradominguezgo @nepeuspu are in my team. 

Our first assignment was to create an infographic with a speific objective for our CLIL e-prject called  Do you know your neighbourhood? 

Our main goal is that students know better their surroundings through different online and life activities. In the group we have assigned the following roles: 

Supervisor: @marta_Gayarre
Coordinator: @Alvaro_Gope
Speaker: @nepeuspu
Secretaries: @maradominguezgo @22paau

Our objective to design the infographic was to give a clue about the topic but you need to use Aurasma app in order to discover more about how it works. That is why we created a video to explain briefly the contents that children are going to work on. 
We have decided to use Canva because it was the tool that has more resources to create this type of infographic. 
Here is our infographic that is connected with Aurasma if you click on the QR code.

Here is the twitter link if you want to see it!!!

If you are interested in our topic and you know to learn more about it you can see my classmates' blogs: 

Finally I would like to finish this post saying that we had the opportunity to participate in a national project. We sent our infographics to Proyecto InfoEdugrafías and they have published our info graphic in his blog and they also gave us this award: 

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