Saturday, 23 April 2016

Video challenge

Hello everybody!!

For  this mission we continued working by the same groups.
My groupmates are : Mara Dominguez, Neus Fiol, Marta Gayarre and Álvaro Gómez. 
This assignment consisted of creating a draft that explains what is the video about. We decided to use with Google Docs. If you want to see our draft click here

Once we create our Storyboard we started working on our video. We recorded this video in Moncloa neighbourhood. We had to record it twice because of the wind sound. 
We have used a tool called IMovie. I have used this tool before and I think it is fantastic. It is an amazing and useful tool to edit videos. If you want to see the final result you can do it here: 

To conclude this post I would like to say that this fantastic project is going to be part of the collaborative project called The ESL Times
It is a great project where students share their knowledge through different types of activities in English. We send our storyboard and video, as we did it with our infoedugraphic project, to their mail and theu gave us another award: 

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